The Wizard

Kids LOVE Dan the Wizard!

See children laugh and cheer, and watch their eyes widen in wonder and amazement! Dan the Wizard presents a fabulous show that children remember well into their adulthood. The show fits well into any party theme, and is especially fun for the currently popular Harry Potter™ parties.

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About the Show

Featuring a colorful Wizard character, the “Dan the Wizard Show” has amazing feats of magic and rib-tickling comedy. It has lots of audience participation with kids performing magic with the Wiz! There is a wide variety of magic for everyone to experience:

  • Magic with musical accompaniment
  • Laughs and giggles galore
  • A floating golden ball (Ghostbusters!)
  • An old magic book with an unexpected mystical surprise inside
  • The US flag (the Stars and Stripes) magically forms and transforms from thin air
  • The funny “World Famous Banana Trick” with audience participation (where do the bananas go?)
  • The hilarious “Acey, the Wonder Rabbit” puppet (who transforms into a mouse and a skunk during the course of the show)
  • Find the answer to the age-old question, “What does a wizard keep under his hat?” (You will be amazed at the answer!)
  • See the musical routine “Over the Rainbow” which thrills children and adults alike, with a magical, musical transformation of color climaxing with a magic rainbow over the heads of the audience!
  • Watch a special child become a magical hero when he or she performs “the oldest magic trick in the world” side by side with Dan the Wizard. In this comical routine, the child will pass solid steel through solid steel, and receive thunderous applause from the audience!
  • Balloon art (clever and intricate balloon sculptures) and much, much more

Running time for the show can be tailored to fit your event. The average running time is approximately 45 minutes.

Factors to Consider

  • This wonderful event is available for any child or family group, including schools, birthday parties, holiday parties, graduation parties, Blue & Gold banquets and corporate-sponsored events for kids (conventions, camps, hospitals)... at any indoor venue. (Sorry, this fabulous show cannot be performed outdoors, but Dan the Wizard can perform strolling magic with balloon art outdoors when needed.)
  • Dan the Wizard provides his own table, props & music. All you need is a room with a power outlet, and enough room for all the kids & adults to sit comfortably.
  • Planning a party with a Harry Potter™ theme? The Dan the Wizard Show is perfect for this theme, and, as the British would say, a “wizard” idea to thrill children.
  • Dan the Wizard adapts his performance to fit the age group, for children ranging from age 4 to age 11, and even works well for mixed ages and family audiences! This show is no longer advertised to the public, and is therefore very exclusive.

Contact Dan the Wizard by e-mail (

or telephone 770-981-0310

A Proven Hit!

Here are some actual quotes from letters received by the wizard Dan Garrett. The Dan the Wizard Show receives universal acclaim and rave reviews!

“Thanks for your participation at our Grand Opening Celebration for Crowe’s Crossing. I received many compliments on your performance, and your tricks and humor delighted the young and old alike.”

“One of our Christmas party guests typified the comments of all with the remark, ‘Best party we’ve ever had, and the magician was the difference.’”

“The children were amused and amazed at your comical antics. The Peachtree Hills staff and summer campers would like to extend a thank you for your dazzling performance of magic.”

“You were the hit of the party! I look forward to having you come to many more occasions in the future. You do a great job; probably the best I have ever seen.”

“Your name is a household word among our Scouts. Everyone, children and adults, still comment on how much they enjoyed your performance. Thank you for making the Blue & Gold Banquet a success.”

“Your work is truly captivating entertainment for everyone. We had the largest turnout ever for our Lions Club father-child function.”

“Rose and her friends were dazzled by your performance at her birthday party. Several mothers called to tell me how much their children loved your show. As you may have noticed, my four-year-old son literally rolled on the floor laughing. We will be in touch with you again.”

Dan Garrett portrayed the famous character The Magical Burger King, performing at Grand Openings and television appearances throughout the southeastern United States. As the Burger King, Dan was Grand Marshall of the St. Patricks Day Parade in Savannah, Georgia. This character also performed at a sports event halftime show in the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville, Florida, where the Magical Burger King (Dan) landed on the 50-yard line in a helicopter and proceeded to entertain the enthusiastic crowd with a show that included the mysterious production of a pretty girl inside a completely transparent box which had been wheeled onto the playing field!

An International Reputation of Excellence!

Dan Garrett has gained regional fame as Dan the Wizard. Many people think he is the best magician in Georgia. In fact, Dan won the Best of Atlanta Award for six consecutive years as “Best Prestidigitator.” He is a multiple winner of the Greater Atlanta Magician of the Year (the first magician to receive this singular honor of his peers for a second and a third time). Dan has been a magical consultant to magic superstar David Copperfield, and is Past National President of the Society of American Magicians, holding the same high office in magic that was once held by the immortal Harry Houdini.

With performances throughout the United States and in over a dozen foreign countries (including England, France, Australia, and Japan) Dan Garrett has earned international fame and recognition as one of the top magical performers in the world. Dan Garrett has performed (by special invitation of the Inaugural Committee) at the Presidential Inaugural Candlelight Dinner for George W. Bush in Washington, DC (January 2001).

Contact Dan the Wizard by e-mail (

or telephone 770-981-0310

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