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updated March, 2014

Dan Garrett Products (for Magicians Only)

General Information

Thank you for your interest in my products. Right now, this list is as up-to-date as I can make it. You should get some pretty good thumbnail descriptions of most items in stock. Pay careful attention to items which are marked with an asterisk(*) — these are items in limited supply. Once they are gone, I won’t have any more. I do give refunds, promptly and cheerfully, on any orders for sold out items. You can email with any inquiries on product availability, and usually you will get a response within 24 hours (even if I am performing out of town).

Ordering Information/Shipping rates (Click here to jump to the information page) Or, you can simply email to me the quantity and products you want, and I will generate an itemized PayPal invoice to you to make it easy to pay and have an itemized receipt.

A Special Gift for You

Limited time only! While they last… I’ll include a FREE copy of the original Epic - Marked Down manuscript with any order! Just include the item “EMD” in your order.

If your group is interested in hosting Dan Garrett's brand-new lecture experience Forward Into the Past, please click here to go to a pdf file regarding this exciting event.

Lota News

New releases for 2013:

CoM t-shirt

T - Shirt: Cabaret of Miracles - white – a quality white T with black line art, which features the comic caricatures of Dr. Conundrum and Hans (Dan Garrett and Merrit Ambrose) from their hit comedy show Dr. Conundrum’s Cabaret of Miracles. Only a few of these shirts have been printed. Available in sizes L, XL, XXL, and XXXL. Only while supplies last! 

Only $15.00 plus shipping.

black t-shirt Front

T - Shirt: Cabaret of Miracles - black – finally available! A higher-quality black T with full color poster reproduction on front, which features Dr. Conundrum and Hans (Dan Garrett and Merrit Ambrose) from their hit comedy show Dr. Conundrum’s Cabaret of Miracles. Only a few of these shirts have been printed. Available in sizes L, XL, XXL, and XXXL. While supplies last! 

Only $25.00 plus shipping.

Newest Release!

Heartz – The new Dan Garrett sponge routine featuring two heart-shaped sponges and the MAGIC of LOVE! 

This item was a hit at the Blackpool Convention, February 2014 in England. A complete sellout at the March 2014 Winter Carnival of Magic in Pigeon Forge TN.

With his or her hands seen clearly empty, the magician forms a heart shape with two hands. 

A sponge heart magically appears from nowhere. The performer removes a pen and holds it behind the heart like a “Cupid’s arrow.” The heart is then split into two hearts. A spectator holds one of the hearts. The other heart vanishes, and joins the heart in the spectator’s hand. The Magic of Love is alive and well!

The instructions are of an exceptional quality. Additional ideas are included. This routine is one of the most commercial effects you can do for couples. It has emotion built right in. It also plays extremely well with kids and family audiences.

CLICK HERE to see the full-page ad.

For a limited time, this new release will be shipped to customers postpaid!

Only $20.00 postpaid!

Extra Hearts – If you want to experiment on your own with Sponge Hearts, or have a favorite routine with 4 sponges, you may, for a limited time, buy just four Sponge Hearts, mfg. with "ultra-soft" sponge by Goshman. (No routine, instructions, or gimmick.)

Only $20.00 plus shipping.

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New Releases

New releases for 2012:

Forward Into the Past – The new Dan Garrett Lecture Experience on CD-ROM. Includes a wonderful 54-page pdf file and numerous videos showing particular moves and sequences in the routines. The videos are in both .mov and .wmv formats. Contents include:


Magi-Fest Jest – Card In Forehead
Knife Act
 – A surprisingly visual appreach to the color-changing knives. Learn cool moves long held secret.
Unassisted Triple Play
Desire Under the Elms(leys)
The Godmother of All Book Tests
 – A do-it-yourself book test. Use your own books.
Up the Creek With a Paddle – Paddle routines entertaining in the extreme: The Snow Mouse • Surprise, Surprise, Surprise! (inspired by Paul Green) • The Nine Mystery (John Hamilton/Dan Garrett) • Printing a Business Card by Magic (Francis Carlyle/Dan Garrett), and more great ideas.
Magic vs. Technology (an essay for the modern-day magician)
Two Foreseen – The strongest routine in the lecture, which is a precursor to ACAAN with two different cards.
Hello, Mr. Chips! – Duke Stern's Two Copper/Two Silver coin routine with an original move by Dan Garrett.
Concludes with a tribute to Duke Stern.

Only $15.00 plus shipping.


King Brain / Premonition Outdone – Two fantastic mentalism effects with playing cards. On CD-ROM. Perform Dan Garrett's King Brain and Stan Lobenstern's Premonition Outdone with almost zero technical skill needed. Includes instructions for making the two tricks with three packs of cards (not included) and “something special” easily found in stores or on the internet. With explanations of the method, script and presentation you get, performing these to masterful routines is a snap!

Only $10.00 plus shipping.

Epic CD

Epic - Marked Down – Dan Garrett’s incredible mind-reading routine on CD-ROM. Three participants, 3 colored permanent ink markers, and three amazing predictions. Nothing else. (No card force!) This is even stronger than Hen Fetsch’s Mental Epic, but it uses no props - just ordinary materials you can buy in an office supply store. The entire 10-minute act fits in a single pocket, and the materials should only cost you less than $10.00! Epic - Marked Down is a feature performance piece, fully scripted, with strong psychology and theatre built in.

Only $15.00 plus shipping.

Items for Sale

Booklets and Lecture Notes by Dan Garrett

IMG 0533

Teasers and Ticklers - Dan Garrett’s first lecture. A book of stand-up magic for all types of audiences, including effects with ropes, balloons, linking rings, mentalism and more. No card tricks! Includes the award-winning rope routine Professor’s Daydream, plus Judy the Mouse (aka, “The Mouse That Roared!”), Mumbo Jumbo (a funny mentalism routine for parlor or stage, inspired by Glenn Gravatt), The Un-Cut Rope (Dan’s magnificent routining of the Cut & Restored Rope, where the guest or birthday child starts out as a foil, but emerges triumphantly as the hero), Rings of Saturn (Linking Rings onstage performed to music) and much more… Only limited quantities of this item are left.
Only $10.00 plus shipping.

IMG 0535

Close-Up Connivery #2 - More of Dan Garrett’s best close-up material, plus contributions from Phil Goldstein (aka Max Maven), David Williamson, Michael Weber, Charles J. Pecor and others. Includes the first look at Dan’s famous Pin-Demonium routine with safety pins (as performed by Bob Sheets on the Travel Channel cable television special Street Magic) - inspired by a routine by Han Ven Senus in Harry Lorayne’s Apocalypse. (This routine also appears in the DVD Close-Up Connivery, in Garrett’s Top Ten lecture notes, and on the DVD Grab That Pinhead with Bob Sheets (see below). Other routines in Close-Up Connivery #2 include: Four Card Reiteration (aka Four For Spot), the OHS (One-Hand-Swivel) Card Change, Thinkerprint, the Fickle Fingers of Fong Chur and lots more. For those of you who have seen the late Larry Jennings’s Video/DVD Thoughts On Cards - Vol. 1, Jennings opens with his performance at the Magic Castle of my Four Card Reiteration. This is professional-quality material at a ridiculously low price!
Only $10.00 plus shipping.

Please note that Close-Up Connivery #1, Garrett Does the U.K. and Garrett in the USA are out of print and no longer available from me.

Pin-Demonium Package - This package includes Dan Garrett’s lecture notes (which contain the routine as well as many other great effects) plus a pair of 3-inch nickel plated safety pins perfect for performing Pin-Demonium. If you prefer to learn visually, check out the DVD w/pins Grab That Pinhead! (assisted by my friend Bob Sheets). 
Only $15.00 plus shipping.

Extra Pins - sold as just the pins only (if available), in pairs, no instructions.
Two 3-inch all-metal safety pins.
Only $5.00 per pair plus shipping.

IMG 0532

Southern Hospitality lecture notes - This limited release, now version 0.4, I have not widely publicized. I hope to eventually expand this material and collect my best magic eventually for a hardback book whose working title is Southern Hospitality. These notes contain four very commercial routines, including my very best working material for hospitality (aka “strolling”) magic. Contents include Worth Two in the Hand, my working sponge ball routine which uses only two sponge balls and a purse frame. (A performer can easily add a multiple mini-ball finalé, if desired.) The Ultimate Card Revelation is my best-kept secret and the single effect responsible for most of my living from close-up magic. The spectator thinks of a card. You place it in his/her hand before its identity is revealed! With practice, you can build your entire reputation with this one effect. Think of it as a classic force where the spectator merely thinks of a card rather than removing one from the deck! Brainwave Connection is a funny but powerful follow-up to Ultimate Card Revelation where the spectator reads the magicians mind! Finally, I give my take on the Coin in the Bottle effect, with a handling that is “must” reading for anyone who does this effect. Three of the items are within the reach of most all magicians, but I warn you that the Ultimate Card Revelation takes practice and dedication. With the desire to master this technique, you can make it happen! These are quality laser typeset notes with a full color cover. Only limited quantities are left.
Only $10.00 plus shipping.

IMG 0530

Dan Garrett’s TOP TEN lecture notes - This is the finest magic material from my five pre-2000 lectures. Fully illustrated, laser typeset. Includes Pin-Demonium, the Faustus Ring, Four for Spot, OHS Card Change, Professor's Daydream, the Mouse That Roared, Full Circle Ring Display, the Undercover Coin, my popular full-deck false overhand shuffle named The Underhanded Overhand Shuffle, and a special addition, The Force of Numerology, which is a near-impromptu book test which won the 1976 Best Mental Effect in the Linking Ring magazine. This last item has been improved in both presentation and method from the 1976 version, and does not appear in any of my previous publications. A bargain collection of my “A” material.
Only $10.00 plus shipping.

IMG 0534

The Wizard’s Way — Performing Magic for Children - New in 2002 are Dan Garrett’s lecture notes on performing for kids, which premiered at the 2002 World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas. Full routines with theatrical and psychological advice galore! Includes Storytelling With Magic, “Copy Cats” Routine, The Invisible Hare, The Mouse That Roared, World Famous Banana Trick, The Whole Tooth, Triller (a “hat trick”), Acey Rabbit Puppet Routine (including the “Houdini Rope Escape”), Thumb Tip-nique, The Tooth Fairy and Martian Rabbit Eggs. Some of this material may be seen on the DVD KidShow Konnivery. Only limited quantities are left. Check with me before ordering!
Only $10.00 plus shipping.

IMG 0531

The Last Palindrome - or- Send More Dan Garrett - The new Millenium lecture notes which contain some of my strongest commercial magic. Nine fabulous items, including The Cosmic Egg, the Sanada Sponge Special, Torn & Quartered (a visual comedy magic routine with a borrowed bill), Sign of the Times (visibly print your business card on a blank card initialed by the spectator), Torn and Quartered (my strongest effect since Plastic Cash - this is a repeat torn and restored card effect using Gaeton Bloom’s Intercessor), Down for the Count (Garrett’s special techniques for the Elmsley Count and other small packet false counts), the Orion Count (fabulous false count from France’s young magical phenom Yves Doumergue), Orion Poker (Garrett’s visual eye-popper routine with the Orion Count). You can’t go wrong with these magical inspirations. 
Only $10.00 plus shipping.

Lecture Package Discounts!
Choose any 3 set of lecture notes above for only $25.00 plus shipping (a $5.00 savings!)
Choose all 6 sets of lecture notes above for only $50.00 plus shipping (a $10.00 savings!)

*Items with an asterisk (*) denotes LIMITED inventory items. Please check on availability before ordering!

DVD’s by Dan Garrett

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! All my videos have been re-mastered and re-released in DVD format and take full advantage of the convenience of this media. All DVD’s are encoded to play worldwide on any computer or most stand-alone DVD players with NTSC capabilities. I’m happy to inform you that the price on the DVD’s has been lowered to $35.00 each, from the original VHS price of $40.00. All videocassettes are out of print; no longer available.


Close-Up Connivery - Professionally-produced DVD packed with very commercial close-up material. All routines may be performed without a table, perfect for the hospitality magic (strolling magic) and street performer. Includes Pin-Demonium, Judy the Mouse, the Faustus Ring, and several original card and coin routines. This first video (now re-released on DVD) from Dan Garrett has received universal rave reviews. Learn the OHS Color Change (a one-handed card change), Hand Sandwich (a signed card melts through the back of a spectator’s hand and appears between her palms), American Ninja Spellbound (a fabulous coin routine, so visual and easier than the original Spellbound), and more. Produced by Tony Chapek, with a special guest appearance by Max Howard. DVD authoring by Monte Johnson. Original music by Dan Garrett. Approx. length: 60 minutes.
DVD-R all-region NTSC only $35.00 plus shipping


KidShow Konnivery - This DVD reveals Dan Garrett’s many years experience as a top-rated children’s entertainer. The DVD includes an actual live performance (nearly half of “Dan the Wizard’s” professional show for children), and is loaded with all the gags, psychology, bits of business, and the important intangibles (besides just the tricks) which go into successfully entertaining young audiences. Here is a sample of the many highlights on this DVD: The Invisible Hare (an impromptu rib-tickler with a handkerchief), Thumb Tip-nique (learn to vanish and produce larger items and to produce a silk from thin air with one hand), The Tooth Fairy (an oversized tooth transforms into a shiny new coin in your bare hands), Triller (fun with a balloon and magic with sound), Karate Kid (a youngster chops a long balloon in half), The Un-Cut Rope (a fun rope routine that transforms that special young volunteer from a Geek to a Hero), The Fastest Balloon Animal in the World (you have to be there), The Whole Tooth ...and nothing but the tooth (production of a giant sponge molar), The Mouse That Roared (Garrett’s sensational handling of “Judy” the Mouse), The World Famous Banana Trick, andMartian Rabbit Eggs (an amazing and hilarious multi-change sponge-a-rama that requires no sleight of hand). In addition to all this, you get bonus tips for sponge work, music cue-tips and more. The live show performance features Over the Rainbow (color changing record routine) and Acey the Wonder Rabbit puppet. (Note these last two items are performance only, without explanation.) Produced by Monte Johnson, with a special appearance by Max Howard. DVD authoring by Monte Johnson. Original music by Dan Garrett. Approx. length: 100 minutes.
DVD-R all-region NTSC only $35.00 plus shipping


Cabaret Connivery - Dan Garrett’s premium stand-up material for both parlor and hospitality settings. Some of the fine routines on this DVD include Professor’s Daydream (originality award-winning routine based on Bob Carver’s Professor’s Nightmare), Rings of Saturn (linking ring routine), Sphere-It, Four Card Reiteration (aka “Four For Spot”), Ultimate Card Revelation, Brainwave Connection, Mutated Spider Vanish, Plastic Cash - The Spindle, The Pickle Trick, Pickle Prediction, Underhanded Overhand Shuffle (many say this easy false shuffle alone is worth the price of the DVD!) and lots more. Learn Dan’s own Elmsley Count technique, proclaimed by many to be the most natural-looking false count happening in magic. Produced by Monte Johnson. Includes performances of this material before a live audience, as well as a performance only of Dan’s “Cartoon Card Rise,” which is his version of Martin Lewis’ Cardiographic. Produced by Monte Johnson. Approx. length: 60 minutes.
DVD-R all-region NTSC only $35.00 plus shipping


Grab that Pinhead - a brand new DVD release (in late 2008) from Dan Garrett and Bob Sheets. See Dan Garrett’s Pin-Demonium linking safety pins routine like never before. This up-to-date version adds new handlings and comedy lines from the always hilarious Bob Sheets. Dan Garrett also performs and teaches his routine as he performs it now. Two ordinary safety pins magically and visually link, unlink, and melt right through each other! The DVD includes a pair of the three-inch all-metal safety pins.
DVD all-region NTSC only $25.00 plus shipping

*Items with an asterisk (*) denotes LIMITED inventory items. Please check on availability before ordering!

Sponge Magic by Dan Garrett

All items in this section are hand-made sponge items, personally crafted by Dan Garrett!

PLEASE NOTE: All my hand-made sponge items are being phased out. They are too time-consuming for me to make anymore. Many are still available, but please check with me on availability before ordering!


World Famous Banana Combo Trick - This is a funny and visual magic routine using sponge bananas, blending comedy and magic to perfection. The bananas multiply from thin air, and are placed into a hat or bag. A spectator holds two of the sponge bananas in a clenched fist. The “bunch” of bananas in the bag completely vanish, and the bananas in the spectator’s hand produce four sponge mini-bananas (in the fine tradition of the “multiplying rabbits”). Dan Garrett’s own routine and a “bunch” of comedy lines included. The illustrated instructions make for easy learning of the routine, and the sponge bananas handmade by Dan Garrett to the highest standards. The bananas may also be used as production items, as they fit into any load chamber.
Only $15.00 plus shipping.


World Famous Carrot Combo Trick - All the fun of the World Famous Banana Combo Trick (see above), but with sponge Carrots instead. The routine is the same, but the comedy lines included are different. These are carrots, not bananas, after all! I wrote the gags and you may not carrot all for them, who knows? Includes two large sponge carrots, four small mini-carrots, handmade by Dan Garrett himself.
Only $15.00 plus shipping.


World Famous Pickle Combo Trick - All the fun of the World Famous Banana Combo Trick (see above, two tricks up), but with sponge Pickles instead. The routine is the same, but the comedy lines included are different. These are pickles (made from cucumbers, and will also pass for cucumbers if you prefer), not bananas, or even carrots, so the jokes change accordingly! (:}D) Two large sponge pickles, four small mini-pickles, handmade by “the Big G”  himself.
Only $15.00 plus shipping.

Super Sponge Veggie Combo - Get all three sets above (the Banana Combo, the Carrot Combo, and the Pickle Combo) and save a few bucks!
Only $40.00 plus shipping (save $5.00).

Note: You may also purchase the Banana, Carrot, or Pickle Tricks without the “babies” (regular pair only) for $10.00 each. Or, puchase the “babies” (four per pack) only for $5.00.


The Whole Tooth - ...and nothing but the tooth! A giant sponge tooth (bicuspid molar) made from sponge, approx. 5 inches high. Use as a comedy prop, a magical prop, or a production item. The instructions give many magic and comedy applications, as well as a plethora of gags and one-liners with the tooth. Compresses and hides in your hand quite easily, and can be apparently produced from your mouth. Makes a great comedy finish to the mouth coil production streamer as well. For other ideas using The Whole Tooth, see Dan Garrett’s KidShow Konnivery DVD. Samuel Patrick Smith says, “Dan Garrett’s Teeth deserve a plaque!”
Only $10.00 plus shipping.

Baby Teeth - Four sponge teeth (molars), approx. 2 to 2.5 inches tall, which can be used just like sponge balls with your favorite sponge ball routine, or combined with The Whole Tooth or Micro Teeth. Instructions include routines, gags and jokes galore. Many close-up workers have replaced their sponge balls with sponge teeth because they have more “bite.”
Only $15.00 plus shipping.

Fairy Tooth - An individual white sponge tooth the same size as the Baby Teeth set above. No instructions are provided. The Fairy Tooth is shipped bulk with no instructions provided. I have provided this product individually, because many have asked for a single tooth to perform my “Tooth Fairy” routine from the KidShow Konnivery DVD and The Wizard’s Way lecture notes. Yes, this size tooth will vanish into a thumb tip!
Each tooth only $5.00 plus shipping.

Micro Teeth - Four of the smallest sponge teeth (these range in size to actual tooth size and maybe a fraction larger) which compliment the two sets of sponge teeth above, and also offers fantastic new magic and comedy possibilities. Use with Baby Teeth (see above) as a sponge ball routine finalé (as with multiplying rabbits). Use Micro Teeth with your cups and balls routines! Other gag lines and new comic possibilities are presented in the instructions, such as “accidentally” banging your mouth on the microphone and pulling out the loose teeth...
Only $10.00 plus shipping.

Tooth Combo - The Whole Tooth and Baby Teeth sold together as a package. Save $5.00.
Only $20.00 plus shipping.

Triple Tooth Combo - Get the full set of sponge teeth in one package. The Whole Tooth, Baby Teeth and Micro Teeth sold as a set, and you save $5.00.
Only $30.00 plus shipping.

BlueTooth - by Dan Garrett. New Item. You can “stick it in your ear.” This blue-tinted sponge molar (about one inch high) is a sure-fire attention getter... a perfect gag for the modern entertainer. Wedge the bluetooth” device in your ear with the “roots” sticking out. This is sure to elicit some sort of reaction or comment. Remove the tooth from your ear and display it at your fingertips. “This is my Bluetooth,” you say. You’ll get groans or guffaws, but I can't promise you which.
Only $5.00 plus shipping.

Snowballs - NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME! These are white sponge balls cut to look like real snowballs! You can perform all your favorite sponge ball routines with these. Instructions, gags, routines, and tips from Dan Garrett and other contributers are included. Four snowballs per set, approx. 2-inch sponge ball size.

Only $10.00 plus shipping.

Baby Snowballs - NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME! Four mini-snowballs cut from white foam (about one inche diamter or less). These complement the Snowballs above. Use like multiplying rabbits as a finalé. Many additional ideas included with the instructions.

Only $8.00 plus shipping.

Snowball Combo - NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME! Get the Snowballs and Baby Snowballs as a matched set and save $3.00.

Only $15.00 plus shipping.

*Items with an asterisk (*) denotes LIMITED inventory items. Please check on availability before ordering!

Magic by Dan Garrett

Judy the Mouse - Sorry. Sold out and discontinued.

Plastic Cash* - NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME! One of Dan Garrett’s strongest releases (and still one of the best-kept secrets). A spectator rips his/her own dollar bill in half. One half is burned openly while the spectator retains the other half. The burned half bill is eventually restored, and discovered to be sealed in plastic! The spectator verifies that the serial numbers and the tear itself are a perfect match! The instruction booklet has been updated and expanded. It includes three great routines and loads of bonus ideas.

This routine is fully explained on my “Cabaret Connivery” DVD!

Boomerang Rubber Band - Learn to shoot a rubber band across the floor and have it return to you, rolling backwards along the floor into your waiting hand! This legendary stunt has been written up inGenii magazine and OMNI magazine, among others. The booklet is written by Chris Kenner and Dan Garrett, illustrated by Chris Kenner, and the package includes the best rubber bands to use. (No special rubber bands are needed however, except for the correct size and shape. They are easily available in stores.) Some practice is required here, but anyone can master this unique stunt.
Only $5.00 plus shipping.

Buttons graphic

Buttons! - Terry Seabrooke, Hugh Randall, and Dan Garrett. Three colorful metal buttons that say the words I KNOWVery Well!, and NOT!, respectively. Colorful comedy instructions are also included. (What?? Who needs instructions with buttons?!) Well, these buttons are specifically designed to create comedy situations when performing, and the instructions will help you maximize their potential. Ask anyone who uses these; you just are not ready to perform unless you have your Buttons! in place! (:}D)
Only $5.00 plus shipping.

*Items with an asterisk (*) denotes LIMITED inventory items. Please check on availability before ordering!

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Magic by Others


Buffaloed - The Magic of Jim Buffaloe* - I include this hardbound book at the top of this section because I am the publisher, editor and designer of this book. I honestly feel that it contains some of the most commerical coin magic, as well as some of the finest general magic and magic essays in print today. Here is a review from MAGIC magazine: “...a book which contains mostly coin routines, all structured for maximum entertainment. Buffaloed is one of the best books of non-card magic that I have read in a long time. Excellent routines, excellent thinking, excellent essays. What more could you want? This is a fine, fine book, and it should be in your library. Highly recommended.” - Michael Close, MAGIC, June 1998.
Here’s another review from The Magic Menu:
“ of the most refreshing books I’ve read in years. First, [Jim Buffaloe’s] coin work is superb. Lots of stuff for walkaround or table-hopping that needs no table surface. The plots are fun, fresh and intriguing. Example: he has a routine in which a half dollar is ‘curled up’ by the magi’s super-strong fingers, then unrolled... using a miniature rolling pin! Another routine, The Steroid Coin, follows the adventures of a silver dollar which gets chopped by a Ginsu® knife into ten dimes, re-formed, thrown through a drinking glass, then melted using a ‘laser gun.’
“Second, Buffaloe has lots of coin routines and even two full coin acts that have played really well for stand-up and stage audiences. This stuff, by the way, is what he has used in his act for decades. It’s proven and refined, not pie-in-the-sky stuff.
“Third, he has lots of non-coin material that’s also great for stand-up and kid shows. Ring on ropes, a ‘fish-on-rope’ routine (you have to read it), and even a kid show routine with Ton Onosaka’s jumbo Monte cards (worth the price of the book).
“Fourth, Jim has a number of essays on theory, and unlike some, he is actually qualified to teach on these subjects. for example, he was a music teacher for 26 years, and his essay on speaking voice should itself be required reading for every magi.” - Eric Henning in The Magic Menu.
About the book: written by Jim Buffaloe (with two award-winning Linking Ring Parade One-Man Parades, and material published in Bobo’s Modern Coin Magic), edited, designed and published by Dan Garrett, illustrated by Tony Dunn (additional illustrations by Marshall Philyaw and Dan Garrett). Hardbound, 224 pages, fully illustrated.

*Only $40.00 plus shipping.

A Fistful of Dimes* - Jim Buffaloe. From the pages of Buffaloed - the Magic of Jim Buffaloe comes a visual silk and coin effect suitable for audiences of all ages. With both hands shown otherwise empty the magicians displays a red silk handkerchief with a pattern of dimes printed on the silk in silver ink. The silk is poked into the empty fist and comes through the fist completely ‘cleaned’ of the printed dimes. The closed fist is slowly opened and a fistful of real dimes is poured out onto the table! Hands remain otherwise empty, and both the plain silk and the dimes may be examined. Gimmick is specially made from acrylic for this routine, to help eliminate any ‘talking.’ It is easier to do than you may think! Complete with instructions and everything you need (except the real dimes; you supply those). Normal price is $25.00, but this is a closeout special… Very limited - check on availability.

*Only $20.00 plus shipping.

*Items with an asterisk (*) denotes LIMITED inventory items. Please check on availability before ordering!

Haiku by Vincent Hedan - sorry, sold out.

W. C. Fields’ Famous Poker Hustle by Doyne Michie - out of print.

ThreeFly by Chris Kenner- the original version... Sorry, out of print.

The Intercessor* - Gaeton Bloom. From Kevin James Imagination Unlimited comes the greatest card gimmick of the Third Millenium! A corner is torn from a selected card and is not switched, yet while the spectator retains the corner and tears the rest of the card to pieces, the card may be restored and the corner will fit perfectly! The same card may even be torn and restored a second time, but the corner pieces still fits. The gimmick fits any poker-sized deck of cards, and comes complete with a great book of routines. However, if you are looking for the ultimate routine with The Intercessor, check out Garrett’s new lecture notes Send More Dan Garrett and read his routine Torn and Re-born. This miracle gimmick is well worth the price.
*Only $55.00 plus shipping.

Insta-Fax Card Printer - A super-thin “pocket-sized fax machine” that visibly and instantaneously prints your business card on a blank card. The spectator or client actually sees the print appear right on the blank card! No set-up required, just print your card and hand it out. We also include (exclusively) additional Touches from Dan Garrett, Max Howard, Michael Weber, Daryl and others at no additional charge. I draw your attention to an especially hot idea from magician Michael Stillwell of Florida. His sensational handling (which you can use at your option) allows a spectator to initial the blank face of the card after it is inserted into the printer, and the visible printing occurs all around the spectator’s initials! Stillwell’s routine is so strong that it was included in my new lecture Send More Dan Garrett. This is a great trick - highly commercial.
Only $10.00 plus shipping.

Staging Magic: The Real Secrets - Charles Pecor. Expanded version, 24 pages, staple-stitched. This popular work has been out of print, but has been re-worked from the ground up. Topics include:Practice and Rehearsal, Building Confidence, Misdirection, Magic As Entertainment, Finding Your Style, Routining Your Act, Doing the Magic Show, Dealing With Anxiety, Facing Difficulties, The 10 Basic Rules of Magic plus the addition of 3 new hard-hitting essays from the pages of M-U-M magazine. Indespensable information for a complete magical education.
Only $10.00 plus shipping.

*Items with an asterisk (*) denotes LIMITED inventory items. Please check on availability before ordering!

Fortune & Fate* - Out of print, but there are a few left. Contact me for price and availability.

Sanada Sponge Ball Gimmick - The most revolutionary gimmick since the invention of the thumb tip! Vanish a sponge ball in your bare hands! Show your hand empty and produce a sponge ball or egg at your fingertips. Totally independent of your attire and no body loads. Includes the gimmick (which can be adjusted to fit any size hand), a soft sponge ball and instructions.
Only $10.00 plus shipping.

The EGG - a quality realistic-looking sponge egg (white egg, medium size) which is useful for many routines, a production item, etc. Can be easily concealed with the Sanada Sponge Ball Gimmick (see above), and is featured in Dan Garrett’s Cosmic Egg routine on the Cabaret Connivery DVD as well as Send More Dan Garrett lecture notes.
Only $5.00 plus shipping.

Four Card Monte* - Bob King. The performer shows 3 blank cards and the Ace of Spades. The story is related of meeting a street hustler, playing this 3 card game, and never being able to find the Ace. The final sequence shows three Aces of Spades and one blank card, and you immediately hand all four cards out for examination! Only 4 cards used, no switches, nothing added or taken away. This is a Bob King stunner that you will delight in performing. Only the most basic card handling skill required.
*Only $10.00 plus shipping.

*Items with an asterisk (*) denotes LIMITED inventory items. Please check on availability before ordering!

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